This free income tax calculator will give you an estimate of your take home pay (net pay), personal allowance, income tax and national insurance contributions. By using this calculator you consent to receiving further information from Privacy Policy

Income Tax Calculator

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Results Annual Month Week
Personal allowance £{{ numeralify(round(pae)) }} £{{ numeralify(round(paeMonth)) }} £{{ numeralify(round(paeWeek)) }}
Income Tax £{{ numeralify(round(totaltax)) }} £{{ numeralify(round(taxMonth)) }} £{{ numeralify(round(taxWeek)) }}
National Insurance £{{ numeralify(round(niAnnual)) }} £{{ numeralify(round(niMonth)) }} £{{ numeralify(round(niWeek)) }}
Take home pay £{{ numeralify(round(takeHomeAnnual)) }} £{{ numeralify(round(takeHomeMonth)) }} £{{ numeralify(round(takeHomeWeek)) }}

You will earn £{{ numeralify(round(earnings)) }} in this financial year and you'll take home £{{ numeralify(round(takeHomeAnnual)) }} after tax. This means you will receive £{{ numeralify(round(takeHomeMonth)) }} in your pocket a month.

Over the year you will pay £{{ numeralify(round(totaltax)) }} income tax and £{{ numeralify(round(niAnnual)) }} in National Insurance. This calculation is only a guide and is not to be relied or acted upon. & Damien Fahy are regularly quoted in the national press: