This free pension calculator will give you an estimate of your potential retirement income from a defined contribution pension scheme, such as a personal pension or SIPP. It will also tell you if your retirement income will be sufficient to achieve the retirement income you want. By using this calculator you consent to receiving further information from Privacy Policy

Discover your retirement income

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You're {{ getCurrentAge() }} years old and your current gross salary is £{{ numeralify(salary) }}. Your current pension is £{{ numeralify(existingFund) }} and you intend to retire at {{ retirementAge }} years old. You wish to take a {{ tfcpercent }}% tax free cash lump sum which roughly is £{{ numeralify(taxFreeCash( calculatedRetirementFunds ).toFixed(0)) }}. Your current monthly contribution is £{{ numeralify(pcont + econt) }} which £{{ numeralify(pcont) }} is from you and £{{ numeralify(econt) }} is from your employer.

Is this enough?

Most people need a retirement income which is about two thirds of their salary. For you, this is £{{ numeralify(twoThirdsSalary().toFixed(0)) }} per year.

Estimated pension pot at retirement £{{ numeralify(calculatedRetirementFunds.toFixed(0)) }}
Desired tax free lump sum £{{ numeralify(taxFreeCash( calculatedRetirementFunds ).toFixed(0)) }}
Estimated annual income £{{ numeralify(yearlyIncome.toFixed(0)) }}
Increase Contributions Delay Retirement Delay Contributions
£{{ numeralify(increaseContEstimatedPension.toFixed(0)) }} £{{ numeralify(delayRetirementEstimatedPension.toFixed(0)) }} £{{ numeralify(delayContEstimatedPension.toFixed(0)) }}
£{{ numeralify(increaseContTaxFree.toFixed(0)) }} £{{ numeralify(delayRetirementTaxFree.toFixed(0)) }} £{{ numeralify(delayContTaxFree.toFixed(0)) }}
£{{ numeralify(increaseContYearlyIncome.toFixed(0)) }} £{{ numeralify(delayRetirementYearlyIncome.toFixed(0)) }} £{{ numeralify(delayContYearlyIncome.toFixed(0)) }} & Damien Fahy are regularly quoted in the national press: