This free investment portfolio calculator will suggest an investment portfolio based upon a person’s age and appetite for investment risk. It will show a suggested equity exposure percentage along with a potential asset allocation mix. This is not a personalised recommendation or financial advice. By using this calculator you consent to receiving further information from Privacy Policy

Investment Portfolio Calculator

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How to use the tool:

Based on someone of your age who has a medium attitude to investment risk we suggest an investment portfolio with an equity exposure of approximately {{ riskScore }}% with an asset mix similar to the one listed below. This is not a personalised recommendation or financial advice. If you wish to take more investment risk (i.e you have a higher attitude to risk than medium) then slide the bar below to the right and the asset allocation will automatically update. If you wish to take less investment risk (i.e you want to be more cautious) then slide the bar to the left.

Name Investment Percentage
{{item.Name}} {{item.RiskLevel}}%

Due to rounding the total percentages may add up to 99% on occasion. & Damien Fahy are regularly quoted in the national press: